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We want our guests to feel protected during their event as they enjoy the all-inclusive amenities and exceptional service Iberostar offers groups

By booking directly with us, your group will benefit from the complimentary Iberostar Extra Care Insurance, covering accidents and illness (including COVID-19) during their stay. 

We reinforce our How We Care commitment with Iberostar Extra Care insurance. Our goal is to help guests feel safer than ever at Iberostar, so their event is nothing short of a success.



  • Medical expenses incurred in the event of illness (including COVID-19) or an accident¹

  • Medical advisory service (medical consult over the phone)

  • Medical transportation service for sick or injured individuals

  • Extension of stay at the hotel in the event of illness (including quarantine caused by COVID-19) or an accident²

  • Extension of the insured's companion stay at the hotel in the event of the hospitalization of the insured

  • Relocation of the accompanying individual on site⁴

  • Emergency transportation to the hospital

  • Sending a doctor to the hotel

  • Emergency dental costs⁵

  • Expenses incurred during the accompanying individual’s stay at the clinic⁶

  • Relocation of insured's companion in the event of hospitalization of the insured. For hospital stays over 5 days

  • Expenses incurred by the accompanying individual during the stay in the event of hospitalization⁷

  • Supervision in the case of minors or dependents

  • The return trip of those included in the booking

  • Expenses incurred in the event of the interruption of the stay caused by death or hospitalization of the insured due to COVID-19⁸

  • Transportation of human remains

  • Expenses incurred by the insured's companion during the transportation of the human remains of the insured⁹ 

For US sales inquiries, contact

For Canada sales inquiries, contact

The Iberostar Extra Care Insurance, offered through Europ Assistance, is applied automatically to all bookings made through the call center. In markets where the euro (€) is not utilized and is not the local currency, Europ Assistance will apply the exchange rate of the day in which the claim takes place. ¹Limit: up to €40,000 for incidents in the hotel. ²Limit: up to €300 per day for a maximum of 15 days ³Limit: up to €5,000. ⁴Limit: up to €20 per day for a maximum of 10 days. ⁵Limit: up to €300 ⁶Limit: up to €100 per day for a maximum of 10 days. ⁷Limit: up to €300 per day for a maximum of 15 days. ⁸Limit: up to €500. ⁹Limit: up to €100 per day for a maximum of 10 days.

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